Members' Goodies

What would a car club be without the mandatory Club Shirt and other goodies ?

We don't have ability to do online orders - you can either pick up from a meeting, or else drop us an e-mail to sort something out.

VWDCQ "Crew" shirt - $40

This is "the new club shirt" that most people have or are after. Has logos for the club's major sponsors to give it that true race team look.

At the moment M, XL and XXL sizes only

Action Day Shirt - $10

The shirt that everyone who entered got at Action Day 2011.

L and XXL only.

VWDCQ Polo shirt - $5

This is "the old club shirt" which we have a few left of.

L and XL sizes only, and cos they're "old" they're cheaper.

VWDCQ Stickers - $2 each

Everyone gets two of these as part of their membership, but can also buy more if you want.

Number Plate Frames

Pics and details soon as they arrive from the manufacturer.

"Volksword", the club's magazine

Free to members by post and/or e-mail each month.

Some printed back copies available, plus obviously electronic form.